Conte is satisfied with 3 points – really strong

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Conte is satisfied with 3 points – see the foxes are really strong. Antonio Conte, manager of Tottenham Hotspur said he was satisfied with the win last time out. Because it is hard work, even if the competitors have changed a lot of teams in many positions.

Conte Golden Spurs’ home win over Leicester City 3-1 in the Premier League on Sunday. The London side have now picked up 61 points from 34 ufabet games.

“It was a good performance against a really good team. And it’s not an easy game. But you know that in England there is no easy game. Especially in the duel against Leicester, who have a good team.

“Even with eight teams being changed, Leicester are still a good and strong team. So for this reason we must be delighted with the three points, it is very helpful for us to stay competitive (Champions League contenders).

“Nobody expected when I came to work in November that we were still excited. But these players deserve to be in important positions. In England it is not easy to get into the Champions League.

“I think we are decisive in this game. There is a space for us and we get into that area well. That’s the point.”